A better way to monitor, assess and improve your brain performance.

It is well known that high performing athletes are in peak physical condition. But did you know they also have superior mental and vision skills? High performing athletes have core cognitive skills which separate them from regular athletes. Peak Cognition is the only tool you need to enhance your cognitive performance. Peak Cognition is a virtual reality-based platform which allows you to monitor, assess and train your cognitive performance on key metrics such as attention, complex movement perception, situational awareness, processing speed and working memory, all of which are critical for peak athletic performance. 


Keep track of your cognitive and physical performance overtime and compare it to other players


Determine your baseline cognitive performance with validated assessments. This can be used to support pre and post-concussion management.


Train key cognitive skills involved in achieving peak athletic performance including attention, cognitive processing speed, memory and ability to track complex movement.

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Virtual Reality


"Lenica's program has been really great for my mind. The way I have improved with repetition has been cool to see. In beach volleyball, vision and speed are extremely important, so this is the perfect tool to get ahead and unlock parts of my brain. I am now capable of more"


"Elite athletes at the top of their game are so close in their physicality that they need to find cutting edge new ways to differentiate themselves from one another as they progress. Cognitive training is relatively new but players training with Lenica’s new Peak Cognition platform have felt their reaction times have improved and are able to read and react quicker and with more confidence as plays develop. It stands to reason that with quicker decision making abilities their ability to recover from mistakes will become quicker as well which will help them become more valuable to their team in any situation!"



“Most of the top athletes have to do more than just training. There is the mental hardness that they require as well. I know many athletes who also do exercises for hand eye coordination and to increase their peripheral vision. Having the right mental skills to cope with pressure situations is also valuable.  I use this program with my athletes as I can see the training being a great benefit for their performance.”


Virtual Reality

Transform Your Cognitive Health

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