Peak Cognition is a cognitive performance platform that requires the integration of data from different apps. Below you will find the required links to download the apps on your smartphone so you can begin training.

Setup Page


1. Download TestFlight

2. Click the link to download the VR app

3. Click the link below to download the HealthGauge app


1. Download the VR app

2. Download the HealthGauge app


Download Apps

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1. Use the same email and password for the dashboard to login (account setup)

2. Select the platform you want to train on (The program is designed to be used in the VR environment)

3. Select Core Training Mode

4. Click on the training environment of your choice

5. Start Training

"Get the most out of the training by remembering to keep your eyes fixated on the cross-hair"

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Fitness Tracker 

1. Create your HealthGauge login details by completing the form under the "Data Sources" in your dashboard (Video)

2. Use the username and password you created to login to the app

3. Click on the Bluetooth icon on the top right corner

4. Select HG Genesis

5. Ensure your phone is not connected to another Bluetooth device

6. Your watch has a device ID which will appear as a string of letters and numbers (Tap on the lower screen of the watch to change the screen until you see your device ID)

7. Select the device ID. Your watch is now connected to the app



What is Peak Cognition?

Peak Cognition is a cognitive health management platform that allows trainers to assess, monitor, and train their athletes’ mental and visual skills.

What research is Peak Cognition based on?

Peak Cognition training program are based on varios research 3D Multiple Object Tracking. To view some of the research articles used visit our research page.

I cannot find the app in the app store.

To download the app one your device, follow these instructions and use the included links:

Apple: 1. Download TestFlight for the IOS store 2. Download Peak Cognition by clicking this link: 3. Download HealthGauge by clicking this link: Android: 1. Download Peak Cognition here: 2. Download HealthGauge here:

How do I select objects in the virtual reality training mode?

In VR mode there is a small dot in the center of the screen which moves as you move your device. Think of that dot as a mouse pointer. Hover the dot over the object you want to select and click on the phone screen or the trigger button on your VR headset. Contact for more information.

I cannot find my HealthGauge username

Your HealthGauge username is created by you under the "Data Sources" tab on your dashboard. Complete the required information and use that to login to the HealthGauge app.

Where can I access the Peak Cognition dashboard?

Your dashboard can be accessed by visiting

How often should I train on the VR app?

It is recommended you complete one core training session (20 rounds) five times a week. Each session takes approximately 10 - 15 minutes to complete.

I recieved an invite to join Peak Cognition but when I click on it, it takes me to a blank screen

We are currently addressing this issue. To access your account, click on the "Forgot Password" link on and type in the email you recieved the invite through. A new link will be sent to you which can be used to create a password and access your dashboard.

How do I set up my VR headset for my phone?

Use the following link to go through the setup process of the VR shell. If you have additional questions, please contact