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The Future of Cognitive Rehabilitation.

Brain injury is one of the leading causes of disability. Lenica Research Group aims to reduce recovery time and improve quality of life for patients who have suffered a brain injury. We have partnered up with rehabilitation centres to develop the next generation of cognitive rehabilitation tools. Our first program, "The Escape Room" is a virtual reality-based cognitive training tool designed for stroke patients. The program targets attention, working memory, reaction-time and hand-eye coordination.

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Cognitive Areas Targeted

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Processing speed
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Reaction Time
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Peak Cognition in Health


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technologies offer a unique platform to develop new rehabilitation tools for individuals who have suffered a brain injury. Unlike traditional tools such as 2D computer programs, VR/AR fully immerse the patient in a cognitive task thereby limiting distractions. Other benefits for using VR/AR include the ability for therapists to control exposure to realistic experiences while in a safe environment, better retention of information by the patient, and improved adherence to the rehabilitation protocol due to the motivating nature of VR/AR.


Lenica Research Group utilizes VR/AR technology to develop new cognitive assessment and monitoring tools for healthcare. Our first program was developed in collaboration with a major rehabilitation hospital in Edmonton and is one of the world's first virtual-reality based cognitive rehabilitation tool. The Escape Room, targets key cognitive skills affected by brain injury such as attention, working memory, processing speed and hand-eye coordination and more.


Lenica is excited to be working on a new program which integrates all their virtual reality training programs onto a single platform. The platform, Peak Cognition will provide healthcare professionals with a cost-effective tool improve patients' cognitive skills, assess functioning in various cognitive domains and allow for remote rehabilitation. Join our list to be the first to get notified when Peak Cognition launches! Sign up by clicking HERE